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Important for UU-S Applicants


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is this new application form for every1 that wants to join or just zam players???


Im dont agree 100% on the 1st stage.

this sistem just allows ppl that beats testers.I mean if someone does 20-30 with me but he has skills on snd (arent we searching for good players on cws?) or i  like his tactic or i just see a touch of skills inside him, can i still say "well,good luck for the 2nd part"??


i think we shouldnt tryhard in the 1st part,so like a normal skilled player like i used to be will have his chance.

i think if destro didnt give me his yes i wouldnt be any1 in the sniper scene. im still not that super skilled player but i can use that l96


then, in the 2nd part we have to make them bleed.

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