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Games & Items giveaway V.2.0


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Hello, dear ZAM community.

I must say that i have gotten alot of critics on what I previously posted and I noticed that you don't agree with what I set as my terms to join the giveaway.

So I have come to the conclussion that I am changin these standards for the good of ZAM. So the following terms are:

-Have Black ops in your library (not as family sharing)

-Being able to add friends

-A member of ZAM

So I am glad to announce that there is NO need to donate anymore (So donating will not have any effect and if someone still donated it will be returned to the donator !! I don't want to ask money for my wrongs !!). All you have to do is add me on steam (my steam: StartuneMLGPro) and ask if you can participate and I will add you in the giveaway group. I here for apoligize aswell for my older post that I annoyed a few people with the fact that I was asking money for something that I did wrong to fix my mistake and this was wrong. So I hope I see you guys enter the give away and win games/items.

!! I will start the giveaway if more than 15 people entered, than I will start the giveaway in 2 days for those who haven't had the time yet to join !! The only way to increase your chance to win something is by reffering other people to my giveaway.

||*IMPORTANT* if the person who you refered to me didn't tell me that he got refered by you is it not my fault. He is though able to mention it afterwards so no need to worry *IMPORTANT*||

The more people who enter the more games/items I will give away. I hope you enjoy and sorry for my mistakes.

Greetings, Startune

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