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"Tactical" class


Are you tacticool?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see the "tactical class" in 1.8?

    • Yes, I would love it more than free shrooms
    • Yes, I would love it but ill take the free shrooms instead
    • Maybe, with a couple changes (please post below)
    • Naw, this idea is stupider than Vov4ik's posts!

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More casually known as the "tacticool" class. The tactical class is to be used primarily as a stealth class for players enjoy sneaking around the map and doing things such as flanking zombies. Here are some of it's shop features.


4-5-1: Night Vision (Night Vision gives the player's vision a greenish tint and completely eliminates the maps fog enabling them to see longer distances) It is free for players who choose this class but only lasts 10 seconds and has a 1 minute recharge time. (Times of course can be altered if this happens to be unbalanced)


4-5-2: Silenced Uzi (not much to say about this. Cost should be determined by people know have greater insight into the balancing of these classes)


4-5-3: Ninja Perk (is sold at the discounted price of 200)


4-5-4: Kriss Vector (Hot damn I love this gun. Price 1100)


Let me know what you think! I am absolutely open to criticism and would love to hear your opinions.



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The thing is even if we do put more classes in 1.8 people will still complain about the classes  (raven nerf coldblooded declasified marksman) there is really no point in adding any new classes at this point in time.

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People will always complain about the classes. However I do not think adding classes is pointless. Different classes add different dynamics to the game which can end up bringing new fun experiences to the player. Personally I do not think adding classes is much of an issue at all as long as the classes are balanced. @BIGz  

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