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  1. 1. Do you guys think its alright to break rules during the Pre-Match (Pre-Game) on ZAM?

    • Yeah. Explain why?
    • Nah. Explain why?
  2. 2. Do you think people are allowed to glitch on Array?

    • Ye. Explain why?
    • Ne. Explain why?

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Hello people of UU + ZAM. You guys may be wondering why I created (made) this topic. You'll soon see why. This topic is going to be a poll just to make things easier for me and you guys. This post (comment) is going to consist of 2 parts so bare with me.


Part 1.

Okay then let's get to the point, I guess. The thing that I'm going to talk to you guys about is the "Pre-Match (Pre-Game)" on ZAM. Now as most of you guys should know by now how most of the maps have 40 seconds before the apocalypse starts (except Array which has 80 seconds). Now I know that you guys might mention something about there being 52 actual seconds (92 seconds if you are on Array),but that's when the admins use the !fastrestart, !maprotate and !maprestart commands.


Now to the "actual" point. This screenshot that I am about to show you guys is important, I guess. You guys may have experienced this or haven't experienced this.

As you guys see here, this guy is blocking during the pre-match and before the match even starts. 

As you guys see in this picture, you see 1-2 guys blocking during the Pre-Match and before the game starts. I've gotten many screenshots similar to this since I'm considered an admin and I'm

not sure about the other admins if they have experienced it too or have gotten screenshots similar to this incident?


Now my opinion on this. I personally think that stuff like this should be allowed. The reasons behind this are:

- No zombies are chosen yet. I mean you got 40 seconds to do whatever you want (unless you're on Array which is 80 seconds).

- It's still the Pre-Match (Pre-Game).

On the other side, there are people who would disagree with me. What I mean by that is:

- People might argue with each other. Like yell at that person to stop blocking.

- People might not consider this stuff as a joke (funny).


Part 2.

I am going to talk about Array. Mainly the small map (small version) of Array.


As you guys may already know, its possible to glitch outside the map on the small map of Array. How? You simply use Long Sprint in the Escaper class or get yourself points and stack up. Now we can either let Classixz place a barrier on Array, or we can just take out "Long Sprint" from the "Escaper class" since no one really uses it nowadays and we can replace Long Sprint with something else.


This guy reported 2 people glitching out of the map on Array a few months ago and they got banned. Now my statement for this. I decided not to ban those 2 and I'll tell you why. When the guy displayed those screenshots, the survivors were on the windowsill. Now you may be wondering where I am going with this. You'll see. I've tested it myself and its possible to knife the survivors if they are on the windowsill. All you need is fast zombie and at least 350 hp to kill them. It's not that hard. So I personally think its alright to glitch on Array but you cannot go beyond the windowsill.That's just considered glitching and you'll be banned if you go beyond the windowsill.


Since you guys know that it's possible to glitch on Array that means something else. It's possible to do the Easter Egg even on the small map of Array. Like I said above you can either choose "Escaper" and Long Sprint your way up, or you can get points and stack yourself up.The only problem about that is, you never know if the person will go for the gems or just glitch outside the map so keep that in mind when you are in-game. If you're playing on the small map (small version) of Array do the Easter Egg during the Pre-Game (Pre-Match) so that way no one will get banned and plus it's still the Pre-Match (Pre-Game) which means no zombies have been chosen yet. I mean you got 80 seconds and it's not that hard to get all 10 gems during that time. Lately, I've noticed that people aren't doing the Array Easter Egg and I am not sure why.Maybe they either forgot about it or they just don't want to do it anymore. Any thoughts of that?


Now, I'd like to hear (visualize) your opinion.

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I think giving players carte blanche to break rules during any part of the game is a bad idea. That's a slippery slope. You're whole post is like "How To Get Banned."


That being said, i'm glad someone is talking about that Array stuff. I was wondering why that window or the other spots haven't been addressed

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  • Founder

We never really had any small bunkers, all maps were meant to be big and @iamindy33 is working on getting different bunkers for the small maps.

I'd say that if you really want to explore Array beyond that window, do so. But don't kill any Zombie, do not hold up the game, kill yourself. People using that spot only to ruin the gameplay for others deserves a ban.


Another thing that I saw during the VIP weekend was that some people pre-caded some spots and suicides to place as many cades there as possible. Breaking cades for people during the pre-game wouldn't I consider a crime, they simply did not earn those points.

Blocking is also something I see no point in doing, if you want to be alone, you should consider leave when you know everyone is at another spot already, works sometimes. Kinda hard for me to camp alone, but sometimes you will be able to. Same if you play with friends, time it all up and run together to the spot, don't try to block people from getting in, just leave them there.

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Anyone found blocking in pregame automatically volunteers to become first zombie. It's a lesson most blockers usually only have to learn once. Every once in a while, there is a player who is proof that evolution can go backwards, that requires further lessons.

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