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A solution UU-S server and all ZAM


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Hello everyone,
I have an idea for solving US server, you can see that many players do not UU, this small community
So my idea is to advertise for people to "ZAM" He was interested players start playing at ZAM
  Their impression that this game is not much fun and they leave there is another problem
call of duty creates new games and all leave the old games
Like the call of duty black ops goes down number of players year after year
And interested is the solution to U-S this famous gamer through it on YouTube
And that is why you can ask him to publish the ZAM through gamer millions of people watching him.
Can I pay him the contributions of ZAM [risk] but as I see the community there are not many options
Because I think that ZAM will come down not because of the money because the players need more players.
Show the whole world the amazing game. It's my idea to solve the problem UU-S
This is my solution and I hope it will help to UU and for ZAM.
I am willing to take part in it and I think that hundreds of thousands of children would love this game.
Just need to show them this game Justice and UU was to big gains of money if she would be
A large community.


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I  just don't really see the point in that... Black Ops 3 is coming out and if they have mod support/dedicated servers then we might be able to have a ZAM mod on there and since its a new game it will bring in more people. Plus 1.8 is coming out and that will bring more people too.

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