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banished noodle

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No glitching in any way. Camping on top of black barricades and on walls/roofs where you cannot be reached by zombies is not allowed.

Using macros/or any other hack to shot faster or anything to make gameplay unfair is not allowed and will get you permanent banned.

Using cades or abuse of bugs to get to unreachable spots/or out of map is not allowed, you will get reported and banned.

Leaving the game directly after you died, after you became first zombie or when there is less then 11 zombies is not allowed and you will get banned.

Spamming in chat/voice chat is not allowed.

Advertising is not allowed and is a permanent ban.

Not playing objectives aka AFKing, is not allowed, if you decide to go AFK while first infected and gets kicked for inactivity you will get reported and banned.


Using tactical insertions to glitch through walls and floors is NOT allowed as long as it is not on purpose.


Leaving the map when it's either blocked by Black Barricades or a Small Map is NOT allowed.


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Please stop creating multiple posts about the same thread. We've seen you're original ban appeal. Plus the second one. Now this. Apparently you were banned for destroying your teammates cades. That, as Dewsty has told you, is not allowed. You shouldn't need anyone to tell you this however, as a message surely posted on your screen after you initially damaged one of your teammates cades. I trust Faith's judgement, as most of us would agree, as he doesn't ban unnecessarily. You're banned for 1 day, it expires tomorrow. I suggest you take this time to try and understand that when you destroy your teammates cades, it can ruin the game for everyone. Please let this be the end of your posts on the subject, as the ban will not be lifted.

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