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  1. 1. Who's your favorte admin/mod?

    • Classixz
    • Griggzor
    • MyXa
    • Candy
    • De/MindBlast~
    • Anonymous
    • The_Kill_Order
    • KinG

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Please select those who you think is the best admins/mods, if you decided to not vote for someone for a specific reason, please tell it here, or tell me in a PM.

You can choice how many you want to, dont spam the vote button.

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Okay so I won't choose patriot because he always does shit like warn people when not needed, precases people out, and his 3 other bros play an all they do is warn, map rotate and fast restart. For example, he warned myst for spam when myst wrote: GJ pat :I mean mud :welcome to the dark side pat. Or something like the last one. Then he unwarned his after king came in and told him to. He also fast restarts waaaaaay to much after people say no. He restarted nuked 8 times in a row a week or 2 ago. Overall to me he isn't a wry good admin. Yes he's active but does a lot of shit that people hate. Griggs or demind Are my favorite. Funny to hang with and great admins.

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