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Shared bans?


Share bans?  

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  1. 1. Bans

    • Keep it the way we have right now, Share bans cross the servers. If you get banned in ZAM EU you can't play ZAM US.
    • Have different bans on the servers, if you get banned on ZAM US you can still play on ZAM EU.

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honestly I liked global bans, but now with our current situation we should have them different, if they get a global ban they will go play other zombie mods cough cough, if we have the bans separated then players who are banned from eu will go play the us server

-have different bans for each server

Meh idk. The consequences are if we separate them, you will see a lot more rage quitters more often. More people would careless about the rules simply because they can switch servers once they are banned. Therefore, we should keep it the same system I think. I dont really see why the new stats should result in our old ban system as well. 

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It shouldn't be shared, as indy mentioned.

Reason being is that if they're not shared, its more likely that both servers will have a decent amount of people on.

If they're shared then its most probably going to be as always; more on eu and less on us.

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