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"SAR" Challenge


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Hello ZAM Community,

Recently you might have all heard of the Master Hunter Challenge (MHC.). Since I missed this (I was on a vacation the whole period the challenge was active(and the time when I made this I still was)). I feel like some people might have had the same issue as me. So I wanted to create a challenge of my own called the "Start A Run"(SAR). The abbrevition might sound like a secret vibrator terrorist group "The Sexual Arrousment Rebels". But in this challenge you have to make a video of a good run-game. Some simple rules:

-It doesn't matter if you're a survivor or a zombie.

-It just has to be a game that you're proud of and find good enough to present.

-Any class allowed and preferably with the Galvaknuckels (since I <3 them :D).

Now you might be asking: Well Star? What's in it for me. Well I got a awnser for that: A small price (A game) for the winner(s). The 2 best ones will recieve a price. (Since my brithday was recently I got some paysafecards and got myself 2 games.) and I am giving the 2 games away. (They aren't any random games which you can get from G2A but, not like the frickedella expensive ones (which you can get from Craig's list, slightly used) they are just worth like €10,-) . And you might ask me: Star what if I already have the game? Well just give it to a new friend and if you don't have any friends ask Siri this "what is 0 divided by 0". And it will be all fixed.

So let's get back to the challenge now. This challenge will be held from Saturday the 8th of August till the end of August.

Now I know the MHC Challenge is still active and you will tell me just post something too now ya dingus. But that's the problem. I am still on a vacation and I will get home that Saturday around 10 o' clock in the evening and Sunday I will have to go clean all my shit and unpack and stuff and I wont have enough time :3.

But anyway just send me a Link to your video via steam if I am your friend already or just post it in the reply section down below. If it just gets to me in anyway so that I will be able to see it. Well Good Luck & Have Fun. (Tell this to as many people as possible, since that would make it way better.)



(You want sum?)

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