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I'm coming home...


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Hello ZAM Community,

Again, I am making a post. Y'all must be like: GTFO WITH UR STUPOD POSTS GO 2 UR ROCK AGAIN. I'll be like: No, this is Patrick.... Jk. Which in a point you guys are right since. I am coming home therefore I wanted to make a proper post/ announcement for it. I missed all of you guys and I missed so fricking much. From the ZAM 1.8 coming out to 3 of my friends joining UU (Congrats on that bb's). Too having the fricking new WoW expansion revealed. (So freacking hyped.) Which let to me wanting to setup UU-W (check the post for more info). I feel like that I have been gone for ages even though it was 2 weeks. It was alot of fun those 2 weeks though but time for me to come back. So I am on my way at the moment back to my rock. And you will start seeing me more ingame again. I am looking forward too it.

Greetings, Startune

//Bonus Words//

Here you go the best singer in the netherlands: Sjors Peters. He lives 600 meters away from me and he just ate peanut butter (<<Dutchies will understand)


U want sum

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