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Black Ops 3 ZAM


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Type 25 From BO2


Type 100 From WaW


War Machine From BO2


Springfield From WaW


FG42 From WaW


Browing M1919 From WaW


Hamr From BO2


Ballista From BO2


G3 From WaW


Normal Desert Eagle For Vip From Mw1




New Colored Cades Like Mvp Yellow, Green or Something and there reads Mvp.


New Coloded Cades Like Vip White, Black or Something and there reads Vip.


New Cades To 441, Like Cade What is side-on.


New Cades To 441. Like Cade What is Half from Normal Cade. Cost 50pts


I get this ideas when i played Black ops 2.


Thanks for reading.

Im a retard

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