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Mod Video: Call of Duty Black Ops Mods: mp_AISurvival_ROP_v66


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ROPv66 is a very unique mod. At first glance, it seems like just another AI Survival mod...but it is far from it. No matter what class you choose at the class selection screen, you are thrown right into the action with an AK (70 round magazine, no recoil, silencer, red dot sight...) and a Death Machine (which is actually worse than the AK). You start out with some odd "perks"...the reload speed for the AK is roughly 0.2 seconds, and when you run you sort of bounce at a very high speed.

But that's not what makes ROPv66 unique. What makes it unique is the sheer scale of the rounds. By the time you get to the final round, you're facing almost a million bots, with two chopper gunners at all times. The average time for a total match completion in ROPv66 is about six hours.

Now we get to the player stuff. The vast majority of AI Survival mods have a limited menu of "Killstreaks/Boosters/Specials/Share Credits". ROPv66 is not bound by such trivialities. The menu for this mod (see:

) is very expansive, and focuses more on classes than individual weapons or kill streaks. The most basic class, "Makarov Burst Fire", only costs 400 points, but comes with a fully automatic Ballistic Knife. Most classes have "hidden gems" such as that. The general goal in the menu is to get to 1000HP, and then get either the Dual Wield Spas 12 Full Auto or the M61 (which is a Death Machine firing explosive bullets for roughly ten thousand damage). ROPv66 is a great example of what is possible with the Mod Tools, as the weapons have been pulled and distorted from hell to back -- want an AK74u dual wield? Perhaps a Ray Gun that looks like a CZ75 Dual Wield? Maybe you want a fully automatic WA2000 with no recoil and no magazine, so you can literally hold down the trigger forever? Or a Python that fires mortar strikes?

The ridiculousness (in a good way) of ROPv66 is matched only by its difficulty...and the mod does a good job of hiding it. You could get to 1000HP by round three, and you could have a Skullcrusher/Predator combo by round four. However, the real difficulty comes in something that serves the opposite purpose for other mods...last stand. On most mods, when bots have last stand they usually pull out M1911s. Here, they pull out RPKs with no recoil and higher damage than an M60...even with 1000 HP, if you "down" four or five bots at once (as seen many times near the start of the video), it's pretty much a lost cause.

Unlike other AI Survival mods, there's no "dying out" in ROPv66. You can get killed as many times as you want, and you'll always instantly respawn with an AK and Death Machine. However because you lose everything you purchased (with the exclusive exception of Self Revive if you didn't use it), chances are you'll die again...and again...and again. A good strategy at that point is just throw yourself into hoards, guns fireing until you have enough for 1000 HP again (which is exactly 18000 points, or ninety kills [one kill is 200, one assist is 500]).

The mod follows a set map rotation, going from Jungle to Villa to Summit...however, it is unknown what exactly comes after Summit. Nine times out of ten, the mod is on Jungle.

All in all, ROPv66 is a mod like no other, and certainly has enough content in it to last the average person years. I highly recommend everyone watching this to check it out, or visit their website athttp://www.ropclan.enjin.com/. The server's name is "AI SURVIVAL BLOOD BATH", although the H is often cut off.

All credits for the mod go to their creators.

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