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New camo menu ?!


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So I was talking with my friend and than we got an idea that maybe would be awesome in ZAM!!
What about to add "Camo Menu".. Let me explain how would it work... On start of the game where you can see list of classes you can also "Create Weapon Loadout". (I would like to say that actual camos for MVP's or VIP's aren't that nice and I'm alot hearing from players that they dont like those :p ...) So I thinked about this Camo Menu that allows you to change your camouflage on SMG you get on start.. It would be next to button "Random SMG" and since you click on "Change camo" , your background will be transparent to clearly see your camo you picked and also "exit" button for going back to Weapon loadout..
You guys tell me what do you think about this!! By me It can be really cool thing in ZAM and lot of people will like this, cause of everyone wants different camo on his sweet gun! :-3 For more information contact me and I will tell you more about this.


w/ BEAsty , Frupiss


Soz for grammar :<

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Camo menu can be good :) but  if you are not fast to select the camo and the game start the zombie can kill easily.

Well how fast can you be to 3 times click and choose camo for your gun and go back to choose class and start playing. 30sec. :-)

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Yeah but for the slow player I think do a special cmd like !camo can be better? after we will see a camo menu like   #1 white     What do you think about this ;-)

                                                                                                                                                                                       #2 green

                                                                                                                                                                                       #3 pink

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