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It's been really fun. :'D

Fluffle Puff

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Mate I speak for myself and the UU community, we are all going to miss you and I hope you have a good school year. Leaving ZAM will be a down but just make a promise to me you left us for something, become more than most.

I'm really going to miss you mate.

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At first I thought BrEn! was leaving and was going to do something special for him. Guess not.


Fluffle Puff. We started off okay I guess. I mean we had our ups and downs but we managed to stay as Steam friends. The first time I saw your name I thought it was some nine year old who loves ponies. But after listening to you on TeamSpeak I was impressed. But why did you name yourself "FlutterShy" and "Fluffle Puff?" I'd love to know. I thought of you as a "best friend" the whole time until you started playing DayZ. That's when things went out of hand but I managed to deal with it and you managed to deal with me and my messages. We always had great talks, funny moments and great games together but it's sad to see you leave UU, UU-K, and resign from Trusted Member. Not really sure if I should say this but did you ever wanted to become a moderator?


It's your choice to leave. No one here is going to make you leave or stay.

Enjoy your future and maybe we can chat on steam if ya want.  :)  ;)  :(

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Well, the name of the topic is a good hint of what is about to go down. This is Fluttershy/Fluffle Puff retiring. (if members even are considered retired) 

If it's not retiring than I am for say, "quitting/resigning" my position as member. I just can't play multiplayer games anymore. Too many trolls that just aren't worth my time and stress. On another note I will be having school coming up and I'd also like to clock more hours in at work. It was a fantastic ride from start to finish as a part of UU. But my time has come, and I will be needing to say goodbye to all who enjoyed my company. 


I will still keep my favorites as friends on steam. And the ones who were nice and all.


I would go through a list of how I feel about you all but that's a bit cliche and I'd much rather just do it in TS. As for UU-K I'm not sure who would be the second US tester. With everything I will have to be doing I wont really have time to test people out ect. I hope I served many of you well. You might still see me in the shadow's or something, probably hiding in the window curtain. Hope this community get's even more fantastic members! You all have a good one.



And that's all I have to say about that. -Forrest Gump.






Yours truly, Fluttershy. 








I'm going to miss you ; - ;

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oh.... i will miss u boi... we had some rly funny moments on ts, but im sure we will talk on ts once again. and good luck with school life and everythings.

rememeber to sweat for win.

whohowhowhowhowhhhhoooooooooo hohohohohohojohoooooooooo whoooooo

xd lol prolly no1 will understand whats have been written over there but my little pony lover will

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