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startoone's videos :D


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Too many useless stupid effects. It's actually boring, why dont you make some gameplay with few funny moment effects, but keep that way you are talking like a normal guy-.-

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Some tips on how to improve these type of videos (funny moment(s) videos):

Have someone re-work your logo. There's a lot of pixelation to it and that makes it look ugly (I'm not saying the logo looks ugly, I'm saying the pixelation makes the logo look bad).


It's "Startune presents", not "Startune present". Basically, use presents, not present.


If you're going to use abbreviations, aside from the obvious ones (UU, ZAM, etc...), you should add a text under them which says what they mean. You had ZFW in the video, so you should've added text under it with what it meant.


Turn down the volume of the music next time. I'd much rather listen to what you guys are talking about than the music. You can use it, just make it quieter.


Watch some Anomaly videos to see how to make cuts and subtext look cool. I also like the way Anomaly cuts between clips more, as it's quieter and simpler. Your cuts sound like you're about to blast airhorn sound effects.


Aside from that, I liked it. Nice work.

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You should probably lower the sound when you change clips, because i have to turn up my volume to hear the game volume then when it changes clips it scares the fuck out of me because of that like sound x)

thanks will do if theres anything more tell me

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