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Creating a clear, understandable and short ZAM tutorial video


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I am currently working on putting together a clear, short (about 3 minute) tutorial video for new players. The goal of this video is to help new players learn there way around the game faster and to keep new players from getting discouraged. Right now I am planning on cutting between clips of example game play with a voice over explaining rules and how all things ZAM work. What I am asking is if you guys have  any suggestions or tips that new players should know. I will hopefully be able to put some of your ideas into the video! Thanks for the help everyone.

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simple tutorial is good, teach em basic way how to cade P cade doors, and normal cade spots. Cuz everyone who first joins and tries to cade...well they cade terrible.  How to max their ammo and how to get the TS3 reward. That is very important because a lot of new players run out of points and cannot max their ammo. Tell em to let admins know that their new maybe, so they can have extra help (if their online). Give em basic understanding of rules (mainly rage quiting) and where they can buy vip/mvp/skins. Those would be my recommendations. 

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