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Hey guys,


I have been gone for a long time (6 days) and these days i experienced alot of dumb stuff. My quest to find hartman failed :/ than why this post?

Because I wanna tell u what I experienced which isn't that much. But let's start with the time we arrived. I arrive at the Tower of Pissa. The first thing we notice are 20 million people trying to sell us Glucci and Rolox and some Swelfie Swicks. That was really funny because most of us we're like no we're good. And all of the sudden me and some friends are just hanging around and this guy comes up and tries to sell us his stuff. He goes like "Hey guys you!","Where from you?" "Jermany?" So we are like no. Take a guess. Which he replies to "JERMANY!!". And we tell him that we are dutch and still calls us "Jeman". We tell him that we find this offensive and he still tells us that we are german and proceeds to try and scam my friend. :/ Than another story was that me and some friends we're just hanging around. This guy comes up to us and asks us "where are you guys from?" we tell him the netherlands and than says "aaaah you wanna buy some weed?" so yea that's most of the stuff and more weird stuff.


Greetings Startune

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