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The reason I am making this reason is because I want to give a message to KEX, but I can't do it over Steam because I don't have him as a friend, Griggs didn't want to share my message and I removed KickArse due to his immaturity.

I would like to get unbanned from the mod, just so that I would be able to play with my friends. I don't want the VIP class or anything, I just want to be able to play the mod. Also, one more thingthat I wanted to state out:

KEX, I didn't take any money from PhantoM. Since he is a stupid 8-year-old kid, he thinks he sent me money, when he did nothing. I wouldn't be surprised if the money went to Legos or some shit like that. He promised to donate for new custom weapons, and then sent nothing, but kept saying he did and kept raging on me. Besides, the money was supposed to go to the weapon creator, not me, so why abuse me of stealing money?

Like I said, I just want to be able to play the mod because I can't play anything with anybody anymore. KinG, DeMind and all of my other friends are constantly on the mod and I can't do anything.

I hope that you consider.

P.S. KickArse, I know that you are going to be the first rager in the comment section, but try keeping the crying to yourself. I'm not going to bitch about you, so you don't bitch about me.

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