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Me and DeathMachine Chatting and everything goes wrong


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[LG]DeathMachine.: so no vip??????

[LG]DeathMachine.: for me

Viirus_iQuickz: You asked once and it's probably denial since I said it in front of class

[LG]DeathMachine.: um?

[LG]DeathMachine.: so i can't get it even when i payed $15 us money?

[LG]DeathMachine.: but if i pay for it again did it even take the oother money sent in?

Viirus_iQuickz: You would pay 30 then

Viirus_iQuickz: total is 30

[LG]DeathMachine.: did u have 2?

Viirus_iQuickz: nah

[LG]DeathMachine.: so i no actully get vup or vip either way

Viirus_iQuickz: u get vup for being unimportant

[LG]DeathMachine.: i have to pay alot of momney AGAIN

[LG]DeathMachine.: and what does that do

Viirus_iQuickz: It gives u a stupid clan tag that says I'm a noob!

[LG]DeathMachine.: and.....

[LG]DeathMachine.: whats the good thing bnout it

Viirus_iQuickz: and a dragunov

Viirus_iQuickz: with a cz75

[LG]DeathMachine.: any thing else?

Viirus_iQuickz: That does about it

[LG]DeathMachine.: how

Viirus_iQuickz: When you pay vip you get vup in exchange

[LG]DeathMachine.: do i get it?

Viirus_iQuickz: yep

[LG]DeathMachine.: yeah but do i have to pay

Viirus_iQuickz: Nah

[LG]DeathMachine.: and type XUID

Viirus_iQuickz: It's free

[LG]DeathMachine.: so where i get it?

Viirus_iQuickz: inyoface.org

[LG]DeathMachine.: ill see if ur lying or not!!!! i wrecken ur not though cause u a good helpful friend

Viirus_iQuickz: I'm not lieing just ask anyone

[LG]DeathMachine.: yeah what site?

Viirus_iQuickz: it's called gametrackeromgLol.org

Viirus_iQuickz: and this other link to works

Viirus_iQuickz: Undeadzombiefans.com

[LG]DeathMachine.: are those sites or options for the site

Viirus_iQuickz: yes

[LG]DeathMachine.: cause i can't find it

Viirus_iQuickz: Look harder

[LG]DeathMachine.: oh come on!

[LG]DeathMachine.: u type those in or look for them?

Viirus_iQuickz: look for them

Viirus_iQuickz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcZBhvSxg_8 look at this video it will help you a lot

[LG]DeathMachine.: do type anything then just inyoface.org cause its no where

Viirus_iQuickz: you did it wrong

Viirus_iQuickz: It's Inmymom'sface.com

[LG]DeathMachine.: still nothing about cod

[LG]DeathMachine.: u sent me a fricken one direcion vid and not the write site i wrecken utr lying

Viirus_iQuickz: Check again

Viirus_iQuickz: whats one direcion?

[LG]DeathMachine.: the singer grup

[LG]DeathMachine.: idk where it is

Viirus_iQuickz: Singer grup?

[LG]DeathMachine.: ive checked everywhere this is fake

[LG]DeathMachine.: ik it is

Viirus_iQuickz: Never heard of them before

Viirus_iQuickz: exactly you just got trolled

[LG]DeathMachine.: i new it

Viirus_iQuickz: knew*

[LG]DeathMachine.: :(

Viirus_iQuickz: :)

Viirus_iQuickz: I'm putting this on the uu website so funny

[LG]DeathMachine.: + i can take things by telling mah friends u trolled me for some stpid vip

Viirus_iQuickz: Lol

This kids grammar omg. I don't know why I'm friends with him even. Oh yeah just to troll with him. Enjoy our chat.

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