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UU-K's Tournaments


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Hello everybody,

so this topic will be about the future tournaments on Call of Duty: Black Ops and ZAM.

All tournaments will be certainly about knifing.

You have any ideas for a tournament? Feel free to post it here.



1v1 Tournament


The first official tournament from UU-K will be a 1v1.

We'll host a private server, most likely EU, you will be randomly devide in teams. If you want to take part at the tournament write "#joinUU-K" down below and #EU if you are from Europe and #US if you are from the USA. The final date when it will take place is not decided yet.


The match will be a FFA on Nuketown, the scorelimit will be 1500 pts (30 kills) with no timelimit. You will be able to choose between two classes, so everybody have the same conditions. UU-K members will take part in the tournament as well, but you only get better, if you play against better knifers.


Like always there will be the ping issue, but for now the tournament will be probably hosted by myself. I will just host the tournament, but I won't take part in it.  I'll try to manage that EU players knife against EU players and US players against players from the USA.


We will be talking in Ts3, so make sure you join us there. [TeamSpeak3 server:

TS3.UndeadUprising.NET] In addition I'll add a passwort to the private server, so no random players interrupt us. Passwort will be: Knife [Maybe get's changed] You're welcome to watch all 1v1's in the spectator mode, but don't choose a class, if you're not in the current team.

Also don't forget to add me on Steam, so I can either invite you to the private server or you can join my server at your own. I will try to record some great knife streaks and upload them at https://www.youtube.com/UUKBLOODY


I could use some help with inviting players, taking screens and stuff, so if you are interested to be in a "admin" position at the tournament message me.




- Knife Only  (Weapons, Granates, C4, Claymore, Tomahawks, Ballistic Knifes are NOT allowed)

- Killstreaks are NOT allowed


If you are breaking one of these rules, you will be kicked out of the tournament.



 Your knife style will be rated too, so keep one eye on that.



The tournament will work as follows, e.g.: TheOnePatriot, BIGz, Gunter, Moon Bear, Bluebird, Stlmokevin, Gart, Indy take part (Didn't consider the EU, US thing)


TheOnePatriot vs. Bluebird --> TheOnePatriot 1 - Bluebird 2

Stlmokevin vs. BIGz --> BIGz 1 - Stlmokevin 2

Gart vs Indy --> Gart 1 - Indy 2

Moon Bear vs. Gunter --> Moon Bear 1 - Gunter 2


"1" players will be randolmy devide in teams again:


TheOnePatriot vs. Moon Bear --> TheOnePatriot 1' - Moon Bear 2'

BIGz vs. Gart --> BIGz 1' - Gart 2'


"1'" players will play against each other and the winner is the winner of group #1, the loser of the "1'" is the second winner of group #1 and the winner of the match between "2'" is the third winner of group #1. [in this example TheOnePatriot made the 1st., BIGz the 2nd, Moon Bear the 3rd and Gart the 4th place]


"2" players will randomly devide in teams again:


Bluebird vs. Indy --> Indy 1' - Bluebird 2'

Stlmokevin vs. Gunter --> Gunter 1' - Stlmokevin 2'


"1'" players will play against each other and the winner will be the winner of group #2, the loser of it will be the second winner of #2 and the winner of the match between "2'" will be the third winner of group #2.




What do the winners of the tournament get?

Winner of group #1: New UU-K Loadout for 4 weeks

Second winner of group #1: New UU-K Loadout for 3 weeks

Winner of group #2: New UU-K Loadout for 2 weeks

Second winner of group #2: New UU-K Loadout for 1 week


Note: You are not allowed to camp with the UU-K loadout! If you camp with it, it will be removed right away!


[Classixz accepted the "prize"]


What's the new loadout of UU-K ? http://undeaduprising.net/new/index.php?/topic/4747-uu-k-update/


And the chance of joining UU-K itself, we'll watch you knifing and maybe you are able to join us.




More informations will be added soon.


Thank you for reading,

honestly your UU-K Leader

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Not to be rude, but what did you do for me exactly? I know you have some tension with Bloody, but at least he's trying to do something positive.


Edit- aside from creating the frog logo for UU, apparently.

the frog you are using at the moment ahah? u serious?xD

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the frog you are using at the moment ahah? u serious?xD



iKinG created the logo, not Hunting. Hunting did graphics with the UU logo for UU.


Just thought I'd clear that up.


so yeah. I take that back. You serious?



Lets just drop it. Now I feel like i'm being negative towards you, which wasn't what I wanted either. I just dislike the negativity.

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