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some random thoughts about zam


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This is not a remove this and add that type of post. Just some idea's I've had recently.




What do you think of adding skin/class bonuses? You may be thinking: we have those. Jetpack, bowie, counter uav.

That's not what I mean.


I'm referring to specific class/skin combo bonuses. For example:


Say I want to go Misty/Master Hunter. Maybe when selecting I'll get a message at top-center saying "Tomb Raider". And my cading ability will be removed. To compensate you'll get cheaper mines and a cheaper bowie ballistic.


Or maybe CIA/Corporal will flash "Soldier of Fortune" - and give you cheaper ammo refill and some slightly cheaper weapon prices.




That's all I really have on this right now. Just some thoughts. What do you guys think?

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Getting closer and closer to turning ZAM into an actual video-game. :P


I like and approve of the idea, and although I don't have any ideas for this atm, I will say this (which is kinda both related and unrelated to your idea):


Skybases have one massive flaw - the fact that there's nothing a zombie can do to attain the needed item (limb) in order to take a cade or the human down. We need to come up with something to completely get rid of what's going on now, where zombies can't do anything except wait to be killed and then buy one limb per life.

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hmmm if I think back who wanted a cade limb so survivors can reach new heights /mmz

I'm saying its' attainability needs to be more diverse and frequent (which is hard to master, because - at the same time - it can't be so OP to the extent where skybases are pointless to even attempt to do).

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Arlington + Wizard = Warlock. 20% more jet fuel and 10% recharge every 45 seconds.


Misty + Scout = Deadshot. No recoil on all bolt-action rifles and sniper rifles and louder enemy footsteps (note: Ninja additionaly decreases enemy footstep volume).


CIA + Declassified = The Sixth Sense. Unlocks the ability of purchasing pro perks. Pro perks are unlocked and therefore become buyable once you get the standard version of one perk, or once you buy all four of them. For instance, Limb Protector Pro will cost three times as much and will shorten the shell recharge time by 15 seconds; Smaller Crosshairs Pro will cost three times as much and will give all weapons the same bullet range as the L96A1 (or whatever else holds the longest bullet range in the game) and will also make all on-point shots be a hit (regardless of the distance between you and your target, if you hit it - which also includes noscoping it - it will be a hit); Speedo Pro will cost three times as much and will give players the ability of drafting (running behing zombies will significantly increase your speed); Ninja Pro will cost three times as much and will render 10% of all fired shots as silent, and will therefore have those shots not register on the HUD.

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Jet pack isint really op. It can get you out of a sticky situation but so can adapt.. The only difference is people payed for Arlington. I see pat using jet pack and how much fun it brings for him and I. Yes you can use stacker but their is a Cade limb. So just make sure he doesn't rack up a lot of kill early. In my opinion the jet pack will be more op as you can do more juking as it doesn't take much fuel anyway.

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