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five nights at zam?


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Hi evryone,

The last week i think about idea for zam , i was play fanf [five nights at freddy's] and i think if you dead all the time and you are zombie we can put for this Jumpscares and i have exeample of video to see for you what i mean :

if you like the video vote in my apply [VFX] - http://undeaduprising.net/new/index.php?app=groupjoin&module=view&section=view&application=586


this is my idea i think is make zam popular becuse fanf is the top popular fames in the world and is good idea ! 

give all your notes with comments .

[and if my english bad - sory i know but i work about this ]

have a nice day 

Didi :cool:

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I like the idea or name at least if we called the halloween event five nights at zam that'd be cool, if someone is scrolling through servers and sees that I'm sure they would click and check it out


I agree, it would definitely make for a lot of new players during the event.

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