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*moves Dusty into UU channel*

*moves Dusty out of UU channel cuz blasting Russian music in mic*

tg.ramsy':....:': Why the fuck are you playing the Russian national anthem or whatever the fuck to noone in TS? e.e

Mohammad al-Safir: wut

Mohammad al-Safir: how u know?

tg.ramsy':....:': I just moved you.

tg.ramsy':....:': Then moved you out.

Mohammad al-Safir: ow

Mohammad al-Safir: LOL

Mohammad al-Safir: i just have it in the background

Mohammad al-Safir: <3

tg.ramsy':....:': k

tg.ramsy':....:': Your way of being a team player in CS? e.e

Mohammad al-Safir: yiss

Mohammad al-Safir: dis is motivational music

Mohammad al-Safir: better than shia labeouf

Mohammad al-Safir:

Mohammad al-Safir: 10/10

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Says the person who blocked me on steam a while ago >.>

To be fair, that was because of your actions in-game. And then you sorta went behind my back and complained. Which achieved nothing. So yeah. Take the compliment and shuddup. :)



Also, I don't think I blocked you?

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One question doe.



How can you have demons when you don't have a soul...? Like, they have nothing to attach to.

Get it, cuz gingers have no souls? Get it?
































I'll walk myself out.

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