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A Mentor Program for ZAM



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Well I don't like to disappoint. I'll be on between 4-10 eastern time (US) time. This is my sat/sun morning which should be your fri/sat nights


...We could find the UU members who would be willing, and pair them with a new player...

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I think practically anyone who wants to help new players can and should, but I think maybe we should limit who the mentors are to Trusted Members or UU. Reason being that some of the "mentors" may not have the right attitude in-game, and I wouldn't want negativity being spread in any form whether it's toward players or certain rules you may not agree with.

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First of all as I said I will be on my sat/sun morning. The other thing I'd like to point out is that I haven't been banned in over 1 year. ( so I got banned when I was like a little 12 year old) I obviously won't encourage it and I'd put my best effort in to this. I may not be a UU member but I still believe I know a lot about this game and can be trustworthy enough to withhold the position of teaching new players.

If you don't think I am, well fair enough its your decisions.

~BrEn out

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 I am totally up for this, I can be online from 17:00-00:00(CET) almost everyday.


Also, me and Gart3 were thinking of making an explicit series on how to best survive in zam, I know that there already guides out there but ours will be very serious and straight forward. 

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So, I had an idea for exactly how this could work, but I wanted to run it by Kevin and Classixz before I posted it.


At the top of the website, next to the other clickable tabs (HOME, JOIN US, STORE, etc...), you would have a tab that says MENTOR PROGRAM. When you click on it, it would take you to a form-based page, so there would be things you would have to fill out (it would pretty much work exactly like the Join Us page, where you fill out your information in appropriate fields).


The fields would be as follows:

   1. Your Steam name:

   2. Your Steam URL (link):

   3. What would you like to learn? Do you need help with anything specific? Explain what you want to know:

   4. When are you available? When can we reach you on Steam?:

   5. Do you have a mic?:

   6. Do you use TeamSpeak3 (TS3)?:


After they fill this out, a mentor (this would be a new member rank, not specifically a UU position, just a volountary thing; someone who would volountarily help people out) would mark the mentorship request as "being handled" (or something like that) and he'd then be in charge of teaching that individual what he wants to know.


In my opinion, a mentor can be anyone that:

 - types fluent English

 - speaks fluent English

 - knows at least 90% of everything there is to know about UU, ZAM, the forums, TeamSpeak3, etc...

 - will actually have the time and devotion to teach people and help them out, and not just go "I can't, too busy, someone else do it."



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Ramsy I love this idea.

The new players won't always have an account on UU. BUT DONT WORRY I HAVE AN IDEA

For the first 1-20 connections there could be something that comes up like when you know ( Name is from Australia he has played so and so times ) MENTOR PROGRAM: mentor program to helps new players at undead uprising.net it is free to apply for and all you need to do is create an account.

Just something as simple as this would get those first few connections turning into more. This mentor program is such a good idea though, it will help with keeping those new players here, and not driving them away

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