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Hey guys


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This topic will be more on you than it is on me so start your engines and get ready to post something.


I made this topic to ask a serious question to all my friends and people who i don't know much.

In ts3 i find it really really hard to make conversation with you guys because im unsure of what your interest are and it leads to me being silent and you guys saying Bren you there?


Sometimes its me cutting out but alot of the time its just me not knowing you enough and what parts of ZAM you find funny and what parts you find serious and you dont want to joke about.


All i ask is that under my post your write something about yourselves, ill give an example right here:




Hey (name), Im BrEn, my real name is Brendan.

Some of my interests are:

~Football (AFL) 


~Talking to you guys

~ Watching Youtube 


In ZAM i enjoy having a joke about anything, i prefer to camp in spots that are not the really easy ones 

eg. Nuketown backyard


I dislike starting my game camping so obviously this meens i prefer to run and get points at the start so dont bother asking me to come come come straight away. also dont ask me if you want to camp in an easy spot ( on occasions i dont mind)


Some of my friends are:

[uU] Once

[uU] ViiRuS_iQuicKZ

[uU] Gart3

[uU] Gunter 




I would recommend being friends with them because they are:


Like to have a joke

Aren't immature



here it is guys i hope you an give me some information and if you would like to know more about me add me on steam because id love to chat :D

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