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Choose when you are zom


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A system which allows you to choose when you get zombie, 


For exemple : You choose to be zombie next game and you are sure not to be zom for a few games


Like this, people wo are often playing with friends will be able to choose to be zom in the next game to be sure playing together after.


And there is also an advantage for the others players wo don't choose this, because they get less luck to get zombie. 


Player at end of game could just choose a partner, if 2 players choose the same partner, they become a team of 2 which will be choose,


and if there is more team than 1, then 1 team or 2 team ( depends of number of players ) will be choose randonmly in all the teams to get 


zombie for the next game.



i know that won't work like this, so help me to get it better if you like the concept

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As long as it cannot be abused I don't have a problem with it. However I feel like this will be really really hard to make so it's prolly just easier to keep it at random, but make it max twice in a row and then if you become a zombie you have a lower chance of becoming one for the next few games. (also depening on how many players there are in zam)

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