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Another Command?


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There is no point to notice anyone with a small amount of connections, if someone breaks a rule in ZAM and they have got less than 20 (or so) connections then just let them now what they did wrong insted of putting up a notice stright away. However, this can be hard if they rage quit...


Suggestion: Create a command so when used on a person they will get a text where it says a message. Like a hudtext or saybold next time they join the server. Template: "!rqwarn <name> <message>" Example: "!rqwarn @7 Leaving the Server when there are less than 11 zombies will result in a ban. This is a warning."


Hopefully someone (classixz) will be able to do this.

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Ye great idea, maybe could also someone (Classixz) (#Griggcopyright) make something for the new players when they connect : I mean before they get into the server, they keep in front of a screen for one or 2 minutes where they can see all the rules, the forum link and maybe some advices to play the mod (idk if it's possible from a informatic point of view).

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