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Misty/Vip (on snife)/Arlington/CIA giveaway!!


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Hello Zam community,


It's been a long time that I made a post. but here I am again and to announce that i am back. I will giveaway a Misty skin/ something else if you don't have it yet. To help the servers going and help out the people I will get 2 lucky persons either one of the following choices:




-VIP on Snife


-Something else (and I will add in $5)

Than you ask how do I enter? well, all you have to do is post your steamid below, your steam name and the your ingame XUID of BO. (Go in BO -> open console -> type in 'Steamid'-> copy that) and paste it in the comments (and like this post if you want).

I will announce the winners on the 31-Oct-15 and I will contact you. If you don't react in 2 days I will give it to someone else.





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