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So im going to make this post after i have read some posts about things that haven't been said/ probably need to be. So heres the topic for it. Ill start


Thanks Indy for being the heart and soul of the community, i know it can be frustrating but i really admire your leadership and how your always trying to help people. you also always give people a chance.


Thanks Kex for being the creator of this mod, as i said in Indy's one i understand it can be frustrating but you always have to deal with a lot of crap. I have also noticed you are extreme nice to me and new players. 


Griggzor my thanks to you is that you have always been here, even if youve been playing csgo or even mine craft its great your still here. you might not be on often but when you are you sure are enjoyable to play with/talk to.


For all three of you. I strongly urge you all that nothing should come between you guys, I love watching you each play zam in all your different ways, but you aren't so different after all. you guys all have to put up with shit and you deal with it to. last thing in this note is just say thanks to eachother. you know just thanks Indy i appreciate you putting your time into this. Thanks to you to Kex for being apart and creating this. but yeah thanks as well griggzor for being a csgo fag. even though i still love you on the inside <3


remember these thank yous can be to anyone whether creator, admin com man. average player, new player. member. anything you think needs a thank you.


Post you thanks here because its time we start and thanks each and everyone for those little efforts and especially those big efforts

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