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Ban RQ


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This was today> 

29/10/2015 (18:03) : ToiletenSpringer (rq1): Players: 7, Zombies: 3, Survivors: 4
  29/10/2015 (16:05) : ToiletenSpringer (rq1): Players: 7, Zombies: 5, Survivors: 2

  29/10/2015 (14:58)' : ToiletenSpringer (rq2): Players: 12, Zombies: 3, Survivors: 9

  Since you have around 50 connections. I will let your ban go this time. It was a notice, so after you returned he probably did not notice you were back in the server.

Just make sure, you do not leave as a zombie when there is 10 zombies are less. You can only leave as a human, or when there are 11 zombies or higher. Follow the rules and you will be alright for the future. 

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