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Undead Uprising Minecraft Server


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As many people have already heard, we are have been working on a UU Minecraft server. We are currently working on a full version of ZAM on minecraft along with multilpe minigames. We would have the potential to gain a huge playerbase throught the minecraft community. We've made a lot of progress, but are currently under-staffed. We may have a lot done, but theres even more to BE done. Our server is currently private, and only accessable to staff members/testers. But if you are interested in helping in any way, here are some of the positions we are looking to fill:


  • Builder: Must have experience on a Minecraft server's build team 
  • Developer: Needs to have experience configuring and editing plug-ins
  • Head Developer: Must have a reasonable knowledge in Java, and have experience developing plug-ins
  • In-Game Moderator: We are looking for players who are mature and responsible to take on this role although they will not play a huge part until our inital release.
  • [FILLED] Head Server Admin: Once
  • [FILLED] Communications Manager: gart3
  • [FILLED] Designer: Gunter

If you are interested in applying, or have any questions about the server, contact either Once or I via the forums or over steam. Any Ideas or suggestions are always welcome to be put in this thread.  All applicants will be required to speak fluent english as much or our staff communication is verbal(over teamspeak)


We are very excited about this project and we hope that you guys will be too. We've made a lot of progress over the past month and well on our way to becoming a server with huge potential, because of this, any help would be greatly appreciated. 


                                                                          Thanks for reading -gart3 Server Communications Manager

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Here are some suggestions:


(Copy and Paste First Link. Not sure why link didn't properly work. Oh Well)


You guys can read that and get some ideas for what we can implement in the UU minecraft server if you support these ideas.

At least this is way better than having some sort of "UU Minecraft Divison" under the Join Us section.


Although you guys have your positions, will there be some type of interview to indicate if someone's in or not?

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I'd love to help. I would also love to be an In-Game Moderator. If you give me the IP sometimeI can always help.

 "If you are interested in applying, or have any questions about the server, contact either Once or I via the forums or over steam"

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  • Community Manager

I had already 3 server with around 30 slots and I was actually that minecraft nerd xddd so i have alot of experiences with commands, plugins (setting up, installing, configurating).. Just alot of experience...I mean complete administration and keep it running as good as possible. Always going with updates so I'm learning with update to new plugins and configs.. Well usually I was like doing all the stuff by myself because I didnt trust anybody XD only builders, helpers, guards etc. ok, but like head admins or something like that naah I wasn't happy with that :cc So ye where i can apply for this? BUT please not builder, thats kind a boring position for me :/ i have anough of building so yeah.


What can I say more.. I think I could help you in this way! :) If you would like to know more or ask anything you can. :-)

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