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I have a better solution. Given that the Intervention was always meant to be a special weapon, used only by the worthy and on special occassions, perhaps do something along the lines of having a "special weapon" (i.e. Intervention, customized Mauser pistol, etc...) drop somewhere on the map, a random location, at any point throughout the game (hopefully in the first quarter, so it's still fitting to use), but have there be absolutely no indicators as to where said special weapon is or might be, only a text that appears somewhere on the screen (most likely in the bottom left) for a split second, saying something along the lines of "Mystery weapon dropped!"? Might just get people to run more.

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As ramsy said intervention is really a special weapon, goes for UUS, goes for admin, goes for other reason that are valuable. I dont think it should be i. Shop... Either way if its to cheap it dosent make it any more "special" and if its to expensive no one would buy it just for 1 game and spend so much points on that gun

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