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Congratulations to the community


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On behalf of me, and hopefully others.


I would like to congratulate this community, the reason why is for having no issues for a while now, since i came back there has been constantly people on the website spamming,  and doing other things that is just annoying. it might not be a very long time but i'm seeing signs that we are growing in size/maturity throughout new players/old players and young players/old players.


Recently we have gotten rid of a few people, not gonna say who because it doesn't matter at this point. I/we would like to thank 

everyone who has put in the effort to either stop them or get rid of them from the website. We all know who has been removed/stopped and again thank  you. For the past 2-3 weeks i haven't had to come on to the website with 10 topics to view of crap, its been actually amazing and i hope this continues. 


i understand that we will sometimes have those people who just don't listen and i know i might be expecting to much but all the time you guys put in to trying to stop them/to stopping them is worth a lot to me. 


I'm going to set this as a community challenge, to keep this up?


Now onto the even more exciting news, I AM 99.9999999% GETTING A GTX 960 GRAPHICS CARD SO THAT I CAN HAVE MORE FUN/ PLAY H1 WITH MORE THAN 7 FRAMES. I SHOULD HAVE IT WITHIN A MONTH AFTER NEW YEARS. my thanks to Indy and Gunter for telling me this one.... better be good :D

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I've been a member on this website since May 30, 2013. I gotta say this. I (and others in this community) have experienced many things on this website such as...

• Spam bots.

- They used to be annoying but I'm glad that these spam bots are being stopped on a daily basis. 

• People posting stuff under the wrong section (wrong forum). Examples being:

- People submitted a player report in the wrong topic (wrong forum) because they thought the staff members don't pay any (enough) attention to the reports people submitted. Although the staff check the reports whenever they can. So be patient!

- When posting a report people think it got deleted or hidden (this kind of leads to the point I stated above). But what they don't know is, the report they made is still there but the staff members have to go through the process (approving the report and then locking it) until the report is valid for everyone to view.

• People posting random stuff to increase their post count. Examples being:

- They did this because they were required to get 75 posts to apply for moderator which isn't an option anymore in the "Join Us" section.

- To make us (people apart of the UU + ZAM community) mad at them for what they did.

• People bumping old topics. Examples being:

- People would bump topics that we didn't think was so worthy to reread all over again (this kind of ties into people making useless topics/posts). This also led to people to increase their post count. I would consider "people posting random stuff to increase their post count" and "people bumping old topics" as one thing even though I made them two separate topics.

• People making up excuses if they got banned. Examples being:

- Saying one of your friends was on your computer playing ZAM.

- Saying one of your family members was on your computer playing ZAM.

- Saying something happened to their computer. How are we suppose to know if something did really happen to your computer?

- Saying something happened to your internet. How are we suppose to know if something did really happen to your internet?

• People spamming messages to get help from admins. Examples being:

- If you're an admin you have probably dealt with this kind of problem lots of times. You'll always get people that will have questions, have suggestions or concerns on ZAM and will always contact the staff members (either on the website or on Steam) because of how much experience they actually have. I understand that it may be annoying but you're an admin so do the best you can to help out everyone who is in need of it.

• People creating an alternate account to raise their reputation. Examples being:

- People giving you a negative one and you aren't too sure why, so you create yourself an alternate account to give yourself positives ones and a better reputation.

• People not being patient when it comes to what they bought in the UndeadUprising Store.

- We've all heard from many people that they have been waiting this long for whatever they purchased. We always tell them that it takes at least 48 hours for it to activate. But the thing is, it's Classixz's job to give them what they purchased not ours. So just be patient! Patience is the key.


Keep in mind that we are getting new players to get a chance to play our mod which leads to there being new users on our website. But the thing is, we don't know these new users or new players that much that they might post stuff under the wrong section, post random stuff to increase their post count, bump old threads, make up excuses if they get banned, spam messages either in-game, on Steam or on the website, creating an alternate account if they get a bad reputation, or not be patient when it comes to the things they bought. We won't know until we experience it from the new users and new players of this community.


Congratz guys, we deserve this break.

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where has the community gone when you start congratulating the community for not having spammers lol

So you'd rather have there be a spambot designed to create accounts and spam messages on this website?


Here's more information about a spambot:


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