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Banned for advertising

Josh hunter

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We need a format for breaking rules and then appealing them.

Name in game:____

What rule you broke:___________________

Why you did it:________

How you plan on making it up:________

What will you do on our servers to make sure it won't happen again?:_______

Not sure who's allowed to but make a topic so we can do a proper format, as for you Ruiz.... Try and edit this post so you can implement what I have just stated, instead of unban me pls I nice guy xd.

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Lookup your steam name 

Zr I ruiz21o  Found nothing. So just state us your name, or the name you got banned with and I will see what I can do for you. Just make sure not to break any rules again.
after you give me your name or your old name that you used I will unban you. This is your 2nd chance, dont mess up again.
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