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Well, i am thinking of starting a youtube channel, and i would like your opinions on a few things:


1. What type of gameplays would the community like to see? Knifes, montage, full gameplays. Now keep in mind i will only do it if i find it enjoyable, so dont pick something that isint fun.


2. What recording software do you use? Any tips on how to use them.


3. What would you prefer? With/without friends, i personally prefer with but i do better games alone. So at the moment im thinking full gameplays alone/with only 1 friend. And clips and trying things with friend/multiple friends.


4. here is a link to my steam account



add me if you have anything to say privately or if we can talk. i am also on team speak often and i finish school in 1 day so i should be on my mornings which is often when eu/us people are on, although i will hopefully still be on nightly so i can still hang with my usual friends at late. 


5. What would you prefer, talking or music over the top?


go ahead  people give me some truthful tips/tricks for youtubing.


And please, If i was to make future videos, no spamming xd.

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1. ZAM Gameplays I've seen on YouTube are running and knifing, running and sniping, running, sniping, and knifing, and camping. When I started my YouTube channel I wasn't too sure what to upload but when I watched Whitelightning's video, Bloody's videos, and indy's videos I finally knew what I wanted to upload.


2. Well, there's ZD Soft Screen Recorder, D3DGear, Fraps, Dxtory, Action!, Loilo, Sony Vegas, Bandicam, Open Broadcaster Software, FFsplit, GeForce ShadowPlay, XSplit Broadcaster + Gamecaster, CamStudio, and many others. What I recommend you do is check them out and see what you like best or get advice from your Steam friends.


3. You can choose if you want to have friends or not in your YouTube videos. I understand you are looking for suggestions but it's your YouTube channel not ours.


4. Already Steam friends with you. You can always message me if you need advice.


5. Talk in your videos. Just be brave!

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