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Let's start a new argument


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FIrst of all, hello guys, I'm Zed and I haven't psoted any topics for a long time.
I want to start with some ideas, to start a discussion, I think, it will concentrate on the new buyable things.
Custom classes(Premium/Platinum)
I'm sure, it helps to pay the server and other important things, but in my opinion these two class make the game monoton and a bit unfair to others.
The other thing I want to mention, it makes the UU-S loadout nonsense.
They get intervention and remington if they want and it is very unfair.
I remember it was mentioned in a topic that Only UU-S members will be able to use it.
I think this problem can be solved, if we get more DMG.
We have got 3 buyable skins, and they are really good!
BUT, some people are using it in a bad way.
Why? They are camping with runner class and they camping on unreachable spots.
Yes, the second one is the arlington.
This is the most overused class in the game, but it's okay.
There is one thing what is not okay.
They are camping on spots  which can only reached by limbs/cadelimbs.
It is not glitch because we can reach them anyway, but it's very unfair.
This class should be changed somehow, or these spots should be blocked.




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We can't do anything about people camping with the misty skin, ye Misty is meant to run around with but if people choose to camp from the beginning with it that's just their lost.

And Classixz have been placing out invisible walls and death-barriers so hopefully all the Arlington spots are gone.
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