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At least I answered him


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<*T_O_R_N_A_D_O*>: hi
<*T_O_R_N_A_D_O*>: go zomi
<*T_O_R_N_A_D_O*>: zombis
Peacy*: Hello...?
<*T_O_R_N_A_D_O*>: hello
Peacy*: Who are you?
<*T_O_R_N_A_D_O*>: I m fine
<*T_O_R_N_A_D_O*>: you?
Peacy*: lol... eh I am fine too ^^
<*T_O_R_N_A_D_O*>: )
<*T_O_R_N_A_D_O*>: go play
<*T_O_R_N_A_D_O*>: ???
Peacy*: Play what?
<*T_O_R_N_A_D_O*>: Call of Duty zomb
<*T_O_R_N_A_D_O*>: I MVP
<*T_O_R_N_A_D_O*>: go?

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