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New Fn Fal Gun skin?

AIR I Echo

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So, I just brought the Random weapons and i ended up with a Fn Fal, but this fal had a different Skin. Maybe it could be a new weapon?


Reload Screenshot http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993482738/screenshot/885233527826209008

Balanced Barricades xD


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Looks like a glitch to me.

The furniture is obviously from the Olive camouflage, but the rest of the gun (barring the optic) appears to have no skin at all, as if it was simply replaced by white.

Although looking at that magazine, I'm starting to think that for some reason your FAL had the skin of another weapon/object on it for some reason. I think I heard somewhere that the G3A1 was planned to be in the game, perhaps you found the long-sought after G3 skins?

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