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Madara Uchiha hi there

Not Madara

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Hello everyone, (sorry if this introduction is lame, it's my first!) 

You can call me by Not Madara, so I'm sure half of you probably already know me, but for the people who don't hello der!

What do I like... Uh, ZAM ZAM and ZAM. Playing video games and books. ( Not the book worm.)

Favorite food: Sushi, Ice cream, Orange chicken, I eat mostly anything. :P

Food I don't like: Mushrooms, and the food which smells and looks like shit. Sorry food.

Favorite sport: Swimming..

If you're in-game I wouldn't mind you saying hi to me. But anyways hope to see and get to know you guys better.


FYI: I suck at ZAM, (sort of)







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Welcome to the website Not Madara. So, if you are Not Madara then who is? That's the question that needs to be answered.

Enjoy your time on the mod m8. If you have any questions, suggestions, or problems you can always contact the Staff members or UU members.

That should be about everything from me. Enjoy!

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