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In ts a Channel just for the community french!


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There's 35 TeamSpeak channels available for anyone to join.

What I would suggest is you and your French buddies should join the Private Lounges that way other users on TeamSpeak won't annoy you guys. Or you guys could donate anything (I believe) to get your very own TeamSpeak channel.

@Kinder#Bueno Hopefully what I said helped you out.

@stlmokevin doniu20042 isn't implying that we should learn Finnish. There's a group of Finnish players that play ZAM and CS:GO and they obviously know about our /UU/ TeamSpeak server. There were certain users on TeamSpeak back then (not going to say their names) who would always join whatever channel these Finns were in and screwed around with them. They then asked me politely to make those TeamSpeak users stop this nonsense and I did the best I could to tell them to stop. It then went out of hand (where these TeamSpeak users always joined whatever channel these Finnish were in and screwed around with them 24/7) and that's where they got their own TeamSpeak channel (Finnish Randoms) where no one can annoy them anymore.

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