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Bots on zam


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Instead of those dumb bots i thought why not make a system like that when there are admins online they could join zam and play with players if they want.

Or you could make a system for it that the server is in bot mode or call admins mode and that with make it so any admins that are playing bo1 or are online will get informed by an indicator on UndeadUprising.com and it will ask them do they wanna help the players by joining.                                                                                                    

                                                                                                             Let me know opinions down below thank you. :thumbsup:

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So what you are saying is we should get rid of the bots? I'm not really in favor of getting rid of bots because they were added to the mod for a reason. Although bots have their positive aspects and negative aspects when it comes to playing with them in-game.

In my opinion I'm not really liking your admin system idea. First of all, it's not that hard to see who is playing Call of Duty: Black Ops - Multiplayer on your Steam friends list (whether they are an admin or not). Second of all, it's not that hard to launch Black Ops, find the /UU/ servers and see how many players are in-game at the moment. Last of all, you can always join our /UU/ TeamSpeak Server (ts3.undeaduprising.net) and see from there how many players are in-game at the moment. It doesn't matter if an admin is in-game or isn't in-game. Just have fun and enjoy playing with your friends and other in-game players.


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I think bots are good enough.. Even though when some players complain about their auto knife and aimbot. I usually test my skills,with them you know maybe if I'm practicing my quickscoping skills with the m40a3 on them like using them as a firing range target. I know I'm treating them like crap, prob because since I could be a noob at times I can practice my skills with bots even though there not the real thing. (I prepare myself for the real thing using bots.) Anyways bots are players and are like players so you should  be glad that you have atleast someone on, even though they are boring and dumb, to me though they are apart of ZAM. :)

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like i ment there could be a mode about it saying admin mode or bot mode and admins mode would be enabled on weekend s if no admin comes on its bots

that what i ment

                                                                                                                             Thanks for opinions doe.

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