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2 New Sniper Rifle for Snife or ZAM (Either choice or both)

Not Madara

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Gun name: M21 slienced (camouflage)

From: Cod4 All All Ghillied Up


I feel like either Snife or ZAM needs to add this weapon to anyone of the servers, I know everyone is going to be saying what are you going to do with Summit, WMD, GRID, and Array when all of those are snow maps and the camouflage ghille is green (grass) Well, when it comes to hiding its going to be hard I guess to put green over white while hiding under a snowy bush and I'm talking about ZAM not snife. Well, to me I think adding the sniper to snife is better due to not having to hide unless SND, or Domlition  but still I just feel like its just a better choice.


I just feel like its cool to have the  camouflage wrapped over the gun.


The gun is good for maps: Jungle..


However if this doesn't please you then this maybe might?



Gun name: M21 (different camo/without camouflage)

From: Cod4 Mutiplayer, or single I believe, I haven't played the game in for ages so I don't remember. :l


This gun seems like a better choice to me (but thats my opinion) but I like the other better tho due to the looks I guess.. but that doesn't matter

This gun too me might seem like a better choice due to the stuff  I said above I think this fits more into either ZAM or snife (Looks good on snife of the way I'm imagnating it.) but aside from that its an  action bolt rapid fired weapon that does shoot out like a rifle based weapon or close I guess... I think as fast as the Barret 50 CAL. I believe this is good for all maps for hiding.

But anyways what weapon will you guys choose both, none, or either one of these of the following. Ik there the same but if either gun is added i'll be happy bout it, however you don't have to follow this ofc.


- FYI my first ever suggestion so im sorry if its presented badly or if its not. I tried.







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