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This Weekend....There will be DANCING!


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Tournaments this weekend! Starting Saturday we will be having a couple tournaments for $. The winner of each will be awarded a $10 Steam or UU Shop purchase.


2/13- Iron Man Challenge

NO ATTACKING WHATSOEVER! NO CAMPING WHATSOEVER! Evade the zombies at all costs. Most impressive run wins! (HIDING IN A STATIONARY SPOT IS NOT ALLOWED!) Open to everyone!

*This event will start at the 7 minute mark. This would give zombies and survivors time to get speedo/fast zombie.

5 Rounds on US, 5 Rounds on EU


2/13- I'm on TV?

End the round in style. Best final kill-cam wins!  Open to everyone!

5 Rounds on US, 5 Rounds on EU


2/14- Run & Gun

No camping whatsoever. No restrictions on class or weapons. Open to everyone!

5 Rounds on US, 5 Rounds on EU


u rdy?


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