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RQ ban appeal

Not Madara

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Hi there!

I was just wondering why I got banned. So here's what  happened. So when my last game was over before I went to 1v1 my friend, when  the 1v1 with my friend was over  I  wanted to go play ZAM and heres the message I got when I decided to go back playing  ZAM.


it says I got banned for RQ for a two days.
So the question is how did I get banned and when? I'm sure I left the game when it was immediately over (my last game) so how is it possible? Was it a game  before my last game? I think around the time there was about 7 people or something but I thought I was allowed to leave when the game was over even though under 11+ zombies. If I misunderstood the rules.
You don't have to unban me I'm totally fine with being banned, I just want to know that's all. And I rarely rq tbh I rqed probably twice in all of my time playing ZAM. 1 I did it cause of bots but that was still not right and now when I come back to it I'm like
wtf why did I do it? So you could ban me to my first one if you like or if there was a reason for the 2nd rq then do it for 4. It's fair enough.  I <3 zam btw.
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Sorry Madara, but the log doesn't lie. I'll leave it to the others to rule on your appeal.

Rage Quit Log :

14/02/2016 (04:54) : [Soap]Not Madara (rq1): Players: 8, Zombies: 4, Survivors: 4
13/02/2016 (06:12) : [BOT]Not Madara (rq2): Players: 10, Zombies: 5, Survivors: 5
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It's refreshing to see a player take responsibility for their actions by accept their punishment in a mature manner. 

Looking over your personal RQ log, you seem to follow the RQ rule for the most part, with minimal infractions. 

I have decided to accept your appeal and reduced your punishment.


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