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#BO3Beta - Day 1


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We can’t believe that it’s actually here – today marks the first full day of the PlayStation 4 Beta and we hope that you’re getting online and having a good time.

Bringing the game to E3 and Gamescom was a lot of fun, but this Beta takes the cake. This is the first Beta that the franchise has done since we did it last with World at War, so naturally we’re excited to finally start putting the game in peoples’ hands. Over the last few years, we’ve designed a new movement system, built environments from the ground up specifically for that system, implemented Specialists, taken customization to a new level with the Weapon Paintshop and more.

The Beta represents a mere fraction of what you can expect on November 6 when the full game launches. It is a snapshot of Black Ops III multiplayer in active development with the hard-working team at Treyarch, and we’re excited to invite you – our most devoted fans – into the process of polishing and refining the gameplay experience to make a better game on Day 1 for everyone.

A Beta is only as powerful as your feedback. What are the best ways to provide feedback? There are a few ways:

  • Twitter (Treyarch): We’ll have our ear to the @Treyarch Twitter machine and we’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on everything from gameplay to bugs. (Yes, bugs…they can happen at this stage, which is why we’re all playing. We want to get them ironed out for a smooth launch.)
  • Twitter (Customer Support): For technical issues, feel free to Tweet at @ATVI_Assist
  • Forums: Check for the Black Ops III Beta section HERE.
  • Console Platform: If a technical issue occurs, you may be prompted with the opportunity to “report a problem”. Given the choice, please do so – it will help us track down the source of the issue.
  • Survey: Or, you could just visit us here and provide your feedback directly by clicking HERE.

Stay tuned to the studio’s social channels along the way – we’ll do everything we can to ensure that you have a great time during your Beta experience.

If you’d like a quick refresher about what’s in store for you during the Beta, feel free to refer to our last blog HERE.

For now, we hope that you have as much fun playing Black Ops 3 as we’re having making it!



Twitter: @Treyarch

Instagram: https://instagram.com/treyarch/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Treyarch

Periscope: @Treyarch

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