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It’s been three years since we were last at E3 and we haven’t spoken since reveal. We thought that it felt like the right time to re-connect.


Before we cover all-things E3, we’d like to thank you for helping to make the reveal of Black Ops 3 an amazing experience! As you’re aware, we shared a “social experience” – we played a little – and shared a number of firsts along the way. For those of you who have been with the franchise for a while, they’re particularly notable firsts and they wouldn’t have happened without you.


For the first time, Call of Duty teased a new game (Black Ops 3) using a previously-released game (Black Ops 2) – something that would have been impossible had it not been for your devotion. You saw our new Snapchat logo and played along – something that allowed us to share information in a way that we never had before. From there, we went down the “Dr. Salim rabbit hole” together to discover a special piece of fiction that bridged the worlds of Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3 – yet again, something that had never been done before.


Whether it’s within the game itself, or the experience outside of it involving our special brand of mindf*ckery, we’ve always appreciated the fact that you like to play. You are truly the best fans any studio could ever hope to serve.


And now that our engines are warmed up, it’s time for E3!


We’ve been pouring our hearts into doing something special with Black Ops 3 and delivering the most ambitious game ever made at Treyarch. Frankly, we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it…which is part of the reason why we’re so excited about E3.


There’s going to be plenty of news coming this week – we’ll let the game sites keep you up to speed on that front. The one thing that we couldn’t be more excited about is yet another franchise first: making multiplayer available on the show floor. We’re excited to be showing off our new movement system, sharing more about our Specialists and talking a bit more about our new Gunsmith, Paintshop, etc.


It’s going to be a great show and we hope that you can join us, or even keep up with us online. We’ll be sharing information from our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). And who knows, maybe we’ll start getting some mileage out of that shiny, new Periscope account of ours?


Regardless, we can’t wait to show you more. Thank you for joining us for the ride and we hope to see you soon.


Your biggest fans,


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