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My reasonless ban


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Okay, so the reason I am making this topic is to discuss my current ban on both the EU and US Zombie servers.

It's Thu, 22/08/13 (06:45) as I am writing this right now. I try joining the EU server at about 6:30 and get kicked. Reason: "Not playing objective over and over again - 5 Days". I try joining the US server a minute afterwards - same thing. I try talking to Anonymous about this and ask him for more information and he therefore tells me that Classixz banned me using Echelon at this time: Thu, 22/08/13 (05:09). This is illogical to me, for 5 good reasons:

I) I was not on either of the servers at any point from about 04:00 to 06:30, when I tried joining in.

II) I don't recall not playing objective AT ALL.

III) I didn't find a reported ban of me on the web-site.

IV) If anything, not only do I ALWAYS play the game, following the rules, but I encourage others to do the same as well.

V) I haven't heard from Classixz in 5 days, other than the point when he just said Hi and left.

With this topic, I am trying to find out EXACTLY why I am banned, on what pretenses, and I want SOLID PROOF. How can I be banned for something I did not do?

If this wasn't a reasonable ban, it's either of the 3:

I) I was banned by mistake.

II) I was trolled.

III) I was banned by someone other than Classixz with access to his Echelon account.

Like I said, I know I did not break any rules, ever since my last RQ, which was about half a month ago, and I served my penalty for it. One more thing to I wish to know - With all I am doing for the servers, helping the community, and DESPERATELY trying to contact Classixz to help him with so much stuff, why do I get repayed like this? I get banned for something I did not do. If this is how I am treated, I really don't know what we've come down to.

P.S. If I was at any point AFK or so, it was always for between 15-30 seconds, and it was only to contact the staff members. On the end of every game, I would always come out with an ammount of zombie deaths that completely defy my reason of ban.

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This might help as well.


6:35 - FroZEM|Ramsy: Hey.

6:36 - FroZEM|Ramsy: Can you tell me anything about my ban? I just got banned for not playing objective for 5 DAYS on BOTH SERVERS, when I wasn't on either of them for about 2 hours, and I always play the objective. If anything, I encourage others to do so as well.

6:36 - FroZEM|Ramsy: I think Griggs banned me because he always shows how long you're banned for in the reason (5 days). I haven't spoken to him in a day.

6:36 - FroZEM|Ramsy: I don't know what the fuck is going on.

6:36 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: o>O

6:36 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: ok then...

6:37 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: Not playing objectives over and over again - 5 days

(Echelon: Classixz [2])


6:38 - FroZEM|Ramsy: I've been trying to contact him for 5 days.

6:38 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: not playing objective over and over again

6:38 - FroZEM|Ramsy: I A L W A Y S PLAY OBJECTIVE.

6:38 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: well

6:38 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: idk

6:39 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: Thu, 22/08/13 (05:09)

6:39 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: that's when it was added

6:39 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: that doesn't make sense

6:39 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: O.o

6:39 - FroZEM|Ramsy: What the actual fuck...

6:39 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: today's the 21st

6:39 - FroZEM|Ramsy: As SOON as either Class or Griggs go online, talk to them.

6:39 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: about the ban?

6:39 - FroZEM|Ramsy: Either somebody else accessed their accounts, or it was that Bounty guy, or they made a mistake.

6:39 - FroZEM|Ramsy: Yes.

6:40 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: doesn't make sense tho

6:40 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: why would he ban u

7:07 - ™♫Anonymous♫™ is now Online.

7:12 - FroZEM|Ramsy: Okay, I made a thread on the web-site.

7:12 - FroZEM|Ramsy: Check it out.

7:12 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: lol k

7:12 - FroZEM|Ramsy: You said Class banned me, correct?

7:12 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: that's what it says.

7:12 - FroZEM|Ramsy: How the fuck is that logical...

7:13 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: idk

7:13 - ™♫Anonymous♫™: :o

9:04 - ™♫Anonymous♫™ is now Offline.


7:03 - FroZEM|Ramsy: Hey.

7:03 - DHDUSpatriot: hey

7:03 - DHDUSpatriot: watup?

7:03 - FroZEM|Ramsy: I am banned from both UU servers - FUCKING AGAIN. I know the note (reason and duration), but I want to know who banned me, EXACTLY why and proof. I already made a entire thread on the web-site.

7:04 - DHDUSpatriot: who ?

7:04 - DHDUSpatriot: is it me?

7:04 - DHDUSpatriot: xD

7:05 - DHDUSpatriot: answer

7:05 - DHDUSpatriot: im not tellin

7:05 - FroZEM|Ramsy: What?

7:05 - DHDUSpatriot: who do u think is it?

7:05 - FroZEM|Ramsy: Anonymous said Classixz.

7:05 - FroZEM|Ramsy: But it makes no sense.

7:05 - FroZEM|Ramsy: Classixz wasn't on in ages.

7:05 - DHDUSpatriot: whut

7:06 - DHDUSpatriot: ye and dosent help if u make threads cuz classixz is main admin noone cna anythin to him

7:06 - FroZEM|Ramsy: English, please. -.-

7:06 - DHDUSpatriot: LOL IT is

7:07 - FroZEM|Ramsy: "noone cna anythin to him"

7:07 - FroZEM|Ramsy: What the fuck does that mean?

7:07 - DHDUSpatriot: no one can say anything to him*

7:10 - DHDUSpatriot: what?!!!

7:11 - DHDUSpatriot: u guys left!

7:11 - FroZEM|Ramsy: What?

7:11 - DHDUSpatriot: ops lol wrong person'

7:11 - DHDUSpatriot: sry about that

7:11 - FroZEM|Ramsy: Np.

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Someone else baned you not classixz he was offline i have him at friends andand griggz same probably myxa or someone else that is a hacker well i am sorry big guy.

Oh btw this is not dragonballz.It his cousin he gave me his account.Well not acually i took it just to troll him.He has all the information om a paper i don't know why but hehe !

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Yeah, but... Well, I'm not gonna use any excuses, but I will say two true things.

I) How old is the first pic? We removed the platform ages ago.

II) As for the second one, I got in just to see if it's possible to get in from the window, killed a guy and jumped out. Would've been more truthfull if the one that reported me made a video, so that you see what I really did.

But, I'll take my ban. :|

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Have another screen in some steam chat, ill add it when i found it.

Yes my proof. I mean 5 days is 5 days there would be no way that they can unban you this early with an appeal. Either wait for it to expire or pay that's all we can do to help Ramsy. Next time to be a helper, and just sit with the humans-do nothing but sit there with your friends. Just play the objective that's all you gotta do. Follow the rules next time too, so we don't catch ya doin this kind of stuff again.

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