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you admit that you were afk for 5 minutes (in that game) and you say I abuse? LOL



  • No use of hacks, cheats and glitches, even the ones in the mod.
  • Your rank means nothing when it comes to breaking rules. Don’t use it as some sort of cover.
  • You are not allowed to leave the game directly after you got killed, after you became the first zombie or when there is less than 11 zombies.
  • Don’t try to get other players killed in any way.
  • Don’t destroy barricades for other players. If you want to get to their spot you need to make sure that you can replace the same amount that you destroyed and that you and the person will survive after what you have just done.
  • Play the mod the way it’s made. Don’t AFK as a zombie, don’t camp as one and don’t hardcore camp as a survivor, if you don’t enjoy being zombie when people hardcore camp, why should you do it?
  • Don’t use the in-game text and voice to spam or harass other players.
  • Using survivor features as a zombie is not allowed. Isn’t it logical?
  • While on a player built barricade platform or any kind of unreachable spot you are not allowed to use barricades as cover from limbs.


Bottom line, you broke the rules. Your appeal has been denied.

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2 minutes ago, Kinder#Bueno said:

Ban for spam ban for rq and now ban for "afk" so i Never play


All reasons why you were "retired" from trusted. If we can't trust you to follow the rules on the server, don't act suprised when you get demoted/catch bans.

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