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We need to change something ...


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Black fog ... Oh, my God. I think the fog should be changed. Too much black. Black zombies, which is not visible in the fog. Black barricades. Too gloomy (( It would be possible to change the background, not only on the thematic holidays. It would be interesting to play. And mod would look cool):grin:What do you think guys?

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I think it's fine as it is, however I really did thought that the fog in December was great however the red was alittle bad  it was a  6/10 in my opinion. If you do hate the black fog though, you can always use the flash class to buy the stroke of daylight to remove the fog that's if, if you have MVP but if you don't you can always ask someone to use the class to remove it (pls don't be too demanding tho :p) However it wouldn't last the whole game it's only temporally. And about the cades, I prefer the black not the texture blue one. 




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