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ZAM Forts


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I figured I would start a ZAM fort thread. At first I was going to call this topic “Viirus' Forts” but I thought of something else. I decided to call this topic something else which I obviously did. I'm giving everyone in the community a chance to share with us forts they have made in the past or will make (construct) in the future. You guys have many choices. You can either submit screenshots of your forts or you can do a YouTube video showing us your forts. Do whatever feels best for you. People might eventually forget about this topic in the future, but I'll be bumping it from time to time whenever I can. You guys can feel free to bump this topic from time to time if you want too.

So, I might as well start off.

Here are some forts that I've managed to make (construct) for the past week.

http://imgur.com/a/hzwNi – The map rotation is backwards but you'll eventually understand the concept of it.

Here's a spot that I made myself in the past - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=679894582


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8 hours ago, BEAst said:

Does that mean only with player built cades? Black ones with bunker don't count?

I'm sure that you can use anything around you to aid you (the enviroment, black barriers, whatever there is). Try to make stuff that looks both unique and effective.

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